Title: Publishing

Project objective:

  • Document the history of Albania by publishing materials owned from the Ivanaj Foundation.
  • Help authors publish their own materials.

Duration: Ongoing


The Ivanaj Foundation is committed to publishing materials related to Albania and Albanians in order to help in making the world better understand their valuable ancient history, the situation in the Balkans, the nature of its people, their background, and the contributions they have given to society.

We are at the very first steps of creating a program within the Foundation, dedicated to publishing both online and hard-copy materials. Our effort in this area will be channeled in two directions:

  • Material of the Ivanaj Foundations, strictly related to Albanian historical culture and education, which will be published with funds that the Ivanaj Foundations will raise specifically for this purpose.
  • Material of Albanian Authors that would like and/or need to be co-sponsored by the Ivanaj Foundations, which will require proposal procedures and legal agreements between the parties involved.

Published books

  • The code of Lekë dukagjini


(Codex Alexandri)

This book contains the dissertation thesis of Dr. Martin Ivanaj, which he defended at the Royal University of Rome in 1921. It is a one-century-old document that analyses the Code of Lekë Dukagjini (ancient Albanian customary laws), with a focus on the practices followed by the Northern Albania Tribes of Trieshi, Hoti, and Gruda.

In this thesis, Dr. Ivanaj has elaborated comparative analysis with compelling and scientific arguments in many aspects, such as legal, social, and even in terms of love that prevailed among members of Albanian families.

Dr. Martin Ivanaj was among the first lawyers and judges in Albania with Western education, and before his demise, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and a Member of the Council of State (1932-1939).  He left behind an invaluable legacy in the field of Law, with numerous articles interpreting and enriching the Civil and Penal Codes. The Ivanaj Foundations in New York and Tirana bear the name of Dr. Martin and Prof. Mirash Ivanaj and carry on their legacy.

The original version in Italian, as well as translations in English and Albanian, are included in this three-language publication, available online and hard-copy.