The M&M Ivanaj Foundation Institut of Tirana recently hosted a remarkable event that gathered friends from the past and present to celebrate the profound contributions in the fields of Albanian education and culture by Mrs. Pertefe Leka.

She is a revered honorary Board Member of our organization that shares the same vision and goals of our Founder, Ms. Drita Ivanaj, in the preservation of the incredible values of Albanian history and its research. 

Attendees included long-time colleagues and friends who shared stories and memories, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia and respect, painted a vivid picture of Mrs. Leka's character, her unwavering commitment to excellence, and her ability to inspire those around her. The event featured presentations on Mrs. Leka's extensive research and heartfelt tributes highlighting her influence as a guiding light and source of inspiration.

Mrs. Leka's honorary status on the Board reflects her extraordinary contributions to the Foundation and the broader community. As the evening progressed, attendees raised their glasses in a toast to Mrs. Leka, celebrating not just her academic achievements but also her role as a mentor and friend. Inspired by her life's work, we will continue to ensure her spirit of inquiry and compassion guides our endeavors.