Since our last update about the “Ivanaj Book Club” a number of things have taken place and are happening in our library, where we meet twice a month and, so far, have discussed masterpieces such as “The Arch of Triumph“ by Remarque, “The Animal Farm“ by G. Orwell, “Demian“ by H. Hesse, “Blindness“ by J. Saramago, etc.

For “The Animal Farm” book we had the pleasure to have as a guest Mr. Sokol Cunga, an amazing translator; for the book “Blindness” we were joined by the energetic publisher of Dudaj Book House, Ms. Arlinda Dudaj.

An impressive meeting was held during the discussion of the 100-year-old legal thesis of Dr. Martin Ivanaj “The Code of Lekë Dukagjini”, with the presence of the honorable Prof. Dr. Nevila Nika, who enlightened us with more details about this precious work. By the way, for anyone that might be interested in this publication (with text in 3 languages), it can be purchased from our Online Store section in our website.

In our upcoming meeting we will discuss “The Master and Margarita” and will have as a special guest Mr. Agim Baçi, journalist, novelist, and author of several books of essays.

It is great and well spent time to discuss books, and we encourage more members to join us. So far, our library has hosted more than 30 members, and we are always happy to welcome new ones who can apply here.

On a related note and as already mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, we are also helping the creation of the Manastir Library by collecting books in Albanian language. They will be housed in quarters to be reconstructed and for which work financial support is also in part supported by us through fundraising campaigns on GoFundMe, Facebook  or by clicking on any available method listed in our “Donate” website page.

We are excited about the progress we are making in this freely available undertaking and are grateful for the support we receive from our members and donors. We firmly believe that our book club will become a valuable resource for our community and are confident that more people will join us on this worthwhile and educational journey.