Following the initiative of Ms. Emira Selimi of collecting books to establish the first Albanian library in Manastir, on the occasion of the 115th anniversary of that city’s historical congress, we are delighted that the number of donated books increases every day, which means Albanians are showing a lot of interest in this significant cause.

Our Foundation, as an organization that supports education and development for Albanian young generations, has embraced this initiative, as an expansion of the Ivanaj Book Club, as already indicated in one of our posts last month. We have invited collaborators, connections, and supporting friends and volunteers to join us in this endeavor by donating either books or cash via our social media. The latter can also be processed via any of our other various alternatives, as usual, by clicking our website “Donate” page.

The Albanian International School in Tirana, a well-known educational institution under the academic direction of Mrs. Suzan Arrer, with whom we have collaborated in previous projects, expressed their interest in joining us in this initiative, and we are grateful for their involvement that included their students, teachers, and parents.

The visit that took place yesterday at their school where we gathered with Emira to pick up their donation, produced another emotional experience due to the display of love and dedication put into this campaign by all involved.  This collection included donated books in Albanian language covering various topics and of interest to any age group.

Onward we go, proud of our work and supporters, and renew our thanks to all!