Refreshed after a brief pause at year end 2022, when we were able to spend loving time within our own circles of family and friends, we can now report on the 3rd and final stage of our annual Holiday Gifts Drive, which was completed in Shtiqen, Kukës.  

There, on Saturday, December 24th, just on the eve of the holidays, we cheered, carefully chosen, families in need of food and children lacking books and toys. This Drive was different and very special, not only for the number of children to whom we brought joy, and happy to say, whose number was over 100, but also for the emotions that involved all of us, as staff.

Many collaborated in collecting donated toys. When we saw everyone showing up for a cause like this, it reassured us that, in time of need, we are in the right place with the right people. The holidays are not an easy time for so many, and our aim was to make at least a small, but significant impact in some families.

We share the achievement of this goal mostly to thank all of you who supported us with toys and some other gifts, and to extend our thanks to everyone else who made this mission possible and successful.

Your contributions are important to us to continue our mission, of which charitable happenings is only a small portion in the pursuit of our major goals, which are educational and cultural to especially benefit the younger Albanian generations.

We welcome your generosity at any time of the year, which can reach us in many ways as indicated in our website “Donate” page. Just a few click online can be helpful in many ways!! Keep us in mind and stay tuned in!