Last Friday another collaborative project that we have been delighted to have co-sponsored since last year with “Mindspace University-Balkan Ties”, was successfully concluded.

The online, educational, entrepreneurial project consisted of an intensive 3-month program, during which time students were introduced to methodologies and innovative plans that offered them tools to create successful business models.  The participants that applied from 6 Balkan countries (Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Greece) had the opportunity to be mentored by professionals and entrepreneurs on the specific subject of the Transport and Logistics sector, via peer-to-peer networking events, interactive workshops, virtual classrooms, and webinars.

Ten teams that presented cutting-edge business ideas were carefully chosen to be evaluated by a judging committee, for a final selection of 3 top winners. Among these we feel proud that the 2nd prize winner was a team that included a young Albanian student.  

Through this project, entirely conducted online and across borders, the young participants brought to light brand-new opportunities to start working towards innovative businesses that will not only create employment opportunities for them and others, but also bring the Balkans in the spotlight of innovation.

Through activities such as this our Foundation favors young people with many opportunities, offering a haven to share and foster innovative initiatives, by including a variety of services to support, train, and guide budding entrepreneurs, who have the right ideas, but lack the physical resources and/or know-how to carry them out from conception to successful established businesses. That is why our Business Incubation & Innovation Hub was created, it is here to stay, and it grows. More information about it can be found here.

As per our mission, our work is always ongoing in developing new fruitful collaborations and projects for the benefit of Albanian youth, and thus we are appreciative also of this opportunity thanks to our Mindspace partners, the daring students that participated in this competition, and the winners of it. This is the proof that once again the youth IS the hope for our future!

Announcement of the winners of the Mindspace University-Balkan Ties Program, you can be found in the livestream of the event on YouTube here.

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