We started off this new year on a positive note by gathering our volunteer group for their first monthly meeting, at the Ivanaj Library. This pandemic is proving to be persistent, and many members of our group have been affected, making it challenging to organize in person meetings.

But when there is a will there's a way, so we managed to gather and against all odds we’re continuing our work.  The volunteers had the pleasure and the privilege to have a chit chat, via Zoom, with our executive director Ms. Drita Ivanaj, thanks to our efficiently maintained, modern equipment setup. This was not the first time the group had a hybrid meeting. During these tumultuous months many of our meetings had to be done online and as part of the new working norm we adapted and succeeded.  

The group brainstormed and ponded over the priorities for this first trimester of 2022, creating a new pool of activities conceived by and for our volunteer hub.  From new project proposals to book clubs, to charity work etc., many were the suggestions, demanding greater dedication and commitment from their side.

We urge all bright minds that want to share their know how with this group and our team, to apply and become part of this exceptional hub, putting their skills to test and getting involved in something potentially bigger.

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