While our Foundations on both sides of the Atlantic approach another innovative year, we are happy to share with our followers, friends, and supporters some great news about our Boards’ affiliations.

Our Foundation in Tirana has recently created an ‘Honorary Board’, which now includes some of our most outstanding and devoted supporters that have served us for many years as Directors of our Executive Boards. To them we owe our endless gratitude for their services while we will continue to seek their counsel.

At this same time, we are also pleased to announce some new additions that are now part of our respective Executive Boards.  

  • Mr. Olton Hysenbegas, who is officially joining the Executive Board’s membership of the ‘M & M Ivanaj Foundation Institut’ with Headquarters in Tirana, after already supporting on the sideline our Foundations for more than 25 years in a variety of ways, and;
  • Mr. Arbi Rizo, who joins ‘The Martin and Mirash Ivanaj Foundation” in New York as Vice President for Development. His business background and dedication so far in supporting both Ivanaj Foundations in New York and Tirana, will bring additional benefits to advancing our mission.   

We are gratified to have both Mr. Hysenbegas and Mr. Rizo on board and to have them share with us their exceptional background acquired in Albania, Europe, and North America, and their extensive experience in a variety of fields that will be helpful to our organizations. Their bios are available on our website, as well as our updated organizational chart here

We would like to thank them for their dedication and commitment, as well as congratulate them for joining our efforts in ‘Advancing education and culture for Albanians within their country and abroad’.

To Arbi and Olton, a huge “Welcome aboard” from the Ivanaj Foundations in New York and Tirana!