As already recently announced, a precious old document from the Ivanaj Foundations’ archives is now made public. It goes back to one century ago, when the detailed analysis of ancient customary laws, practiced and followed by the Northern Albanian tribes of  Trieshi, Hoti, and Gruda, was presented at the Royal University of Rome (now ‘La Sapienza’), by Martin Ivanaj, as his doctoral dissertation in the field of jurisprudence.

This invaluable document, now in more than one language format, is available as of today, which also celebrates Dr. Martin Ivanaj’s birthday. This new publication entitled “THE CODE OF LEKE DUKAGJINI (Codex Alexandri)” contains its original Italian version, now also translated into Albanian and English languages.  

The special cover of its printed format, suitable for this type of text that provides a historical and vivid view of Albanians’ past way of living practices, holds all three versions with related clarifications, references, and annotations. Online copies can be ordered here, and hard copies can be obtained now by contacting our office.  

A special online edition that will allow electronic access simply to either the Albanian or English versions will be offered in the next few days and only for a certain period of time. For this, view and subscribe to our website, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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