Have you ever heard about the customary laws of Northern Albanian tribes? How about the old Code that gathered all these customs and served as a constitution for the old Albanian territories? Have you ever heard about The Code of Lekë Dukagjini?

This October we, at the Ivanaj Foundations, celebrate our Albanian culture and heritage. We are excited to announce the upcoming publication of a one-century-old document that analyses the Code of Lekë Dukagjini, with a focus on the practices followed by the Northern Albania Tribes of Trieshi, Hoti, and Gruda. We are even more proud to announce that this document is Dr. Martin Ivanaj’s dissertation, which he wrote and defended at the Royal University of Rome in 1921 (now known as ‘La Sapienza’). The original version in Italian, as well as translations in English and Albanian, are included in this three-language publication.

Dr. Martin Ivanaj was a Member of the Supreme Court in Tirana and a Member of the Council of State. As Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (1932-1939), he left behind an invaluable legacy in the field of Law, with numerous articles interpreting and enriching the Civil and Penal Codes. The Ivanaj Foundations in New York and Tirana are proud to bear the name of such a personality and to carry on his legacy.

In the coming days, we will provide a more detailed description of the book’s content, as well as information on how to access it, both electronically and in hard copy. We invite you to stay tuned to receive some exclusive benefits only available to our online audience. For this, subscribe to our website, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and donate to support more initiatives like this.