On this fourth anniversary of operation in its new modern facilities in the center of Albania’s capital city, the Ivanaj Foundation Institut of Tirana reminisces on what went by and shares what is planned.

Not many of you may know, but the ‘Ivanaj Foundation Institut’ in Tirana was officially created since 1996, making it a well-established, 25 years well-developed organization. Looking back, we have touched upon so many lives in so many locations. The strong desire to make this Institute a temple of knowledge, education, opportunities, and culture persisted, and in 2017, we were proud to inaugurate our newly constructed headquarter in the heart of Tirana.

While these premises are only 4 years old today, our work continues in advancing education and culture for Albanians within their country and abroad. Our commitment to the mission is strong and is evolving by exploring new areas.

For this October 10th anniversary, we held a very special outdoor event, respecting all the pandemic-imposed measures. A tree donated by the Ivanaj Foundation to the Tirana Municipality was planted on the grounds near “Mother Teresa” square and the Polytechnic University of Tirana as a symbol of life, continuity, and growth. This is exactly how we foresee the future of the Foundation, living through decades, continuing its restless work, and growing with new supporters and beneficiaries.

While we will continue to offer more cultural and educational activities, events, and programs, we will diversify our portfolio by including new products and services for our followers. We remain dedicated to pursuing our mission for many years ahead.

Let’s keep this conversation open. You can become part of our team as a follower, volunteer, entrepreneur, or donor. We look forward to having you aboard in what we plan will be continuing exciting time ahead.