Libraries that have always been an essential element in the process of giving citizens access to knowledge, are needed more than ever in today’s digital times, in spite of the great technological progress.

The Ivanaj Library in the premises of the Ivanaj Foundation’s Institute in Tirana is a true gem located right in the center and best part of Albania’s capital. Its size of 60m2 can easily be doubled by a set of door partitions to accommodate, when necessary, additional or other facilities for special activities or events, which have been planned and successfully conducted within its walls for the past 4 years now.

It is well furnished and equipped to host from a single individual to a least 20 to 30 people or more, if expanded. With optimal climatic conditions for all seasons, security & fire prevention equipment, UPS and generator in case of electrical blackouts, in addition to Wi-Fi, available throughout the entire floor, a desktop computer is also included for public use.  It is a perfect ‘quiet zone’ to read, study, learn, meditate, write, but also network with other visitors!

The current collection that keeps on growing of more than 1700 books available in Albanian, English, Italian, French and German, fills our shelving units also with biographies, encyclopedias, educational books, manuals, classics, memoirs, audio cassettes and magazines of a variety of sorts. 

Our premises are one of a kind, and with facilities that can be repositioned as needed, and available accessories such special smartboard, projectors, screens, flipcharts, etc. they can be shared, when available, also by third parties for a fee, or contribution upon negotiation.

Our Staff will welcome all visitors (students, scholars, researchers, artists, etc.) that may be interested in visiting, and or benefiting from the use of our facilities, which, of course upon entrance now require following and respecting covid-19 rules.

Meantime, in case of inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us via email at: [email protected] 

We hope to see you soon Library lovers!