Every little, helps!

The Ivanaj Foundations of New York and Tirana, through their “Business Incubation & Innovation Hub (BIIH)” provide a range of services to help, train, and assist aspiring Albanian entrepreneurs who have a good idea but lack the necessary physical resources and know-how for its development. We support young people all the way, from the conception of an idea, to successful, established businesses.

To pursue our goal, we need everyone’s support. Both Foundations in NY and Tirana are characterized by a high level of transparency and accountability, this is why we have now opened a GoFundMe campaign to accept your contributions. Your donation through GoFundMe will be utilized:

  • To help covering the fee of trainers who will support Albanian youth develop entrepreneurial skills.
  • Invest in technology (tablets, cameras, and laptops) to aid these young people's education.

Our BIIH will continue to support, train, and guide potential young Albanian entrepreneurs who want to bring a new perspective to the (old) Albanian way of doing business. Youth can make a change!

So, please help us, help them!