Tour de force all the way! Accomplished 3rd project for “Women and Young Adults”

//Tour de force all the way! Accomplished 3rd project for “Women and Young Adults”

Tour de force all the way! Accomplished 3rd project for “Women and Young Adults”

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As reported in our previous blogs of March 25th and April 10th, our endeavors in providing care and encouragement to women and youth affected by the devastating impacts of the 2019 earthquake and the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, continued all the way through a third phase, just completed.  

In wanting to effectively complete, based on our available resources, the concrete help we planned for youth and women located in the most damaged areas that were adversely affected in terms of employment opportunities, education, training, mental health, and well-being, we targeted a third group. To it we provided the resources they needed not to lose hope and the professional training to brush up on their skills and expand their knowledge base.

We selected 16 women in one of the most affected neighborhoods in Laς, were the earthquake almost destroyed the entire district. After getting in contact with the Regional Directorate that provides public vocational training for the northeastern area of the country, we managed to reach the women attending the courses and to grant them funds to cover transportation costs, purchase of materials and other in-kind expenses.

All these women take part in a sewing and hand embroidery professional training course.  The art form of embroidery is a great opportunity for them to get an income and support their families, and it affords them freedom as well from stress and anxiety giving enjoyment and satisfaction of the task at hand. Portion of the funds for materials’ purchases provided also the Regional Directorate that conducts this course with materials it should furnish, such as embroidery hoops, scissors, fabrics, needles, marking tools and other kits necessary for these classes.

An additional value to the result of this project was the opportunity to also grant a small fund to a young entrepreneurial 17-year-old girl, who expressed great desire to attend a graphic design course.  

We are grateful to our grantors for the opportunity of taking charitable action through our organizations, the planning and implementation of which make us proud of the successful outcome also of this 3-phase project, which has touched and given a ray of hope to many Albanian lives, while giving us further incentive to carry on our mission and continue our work in the fields of our expertise.  

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This project was supported by the financial contributions raised by Albanian American Women in Washington DC, through the Valbin's Center for International Programs (CIP) and was implemented by ‘The Ivanaj Foundations of New York and Tirana’.

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