We are glad to share with you the successful completion of the “Think Outside of the Box” business informative program, which took place in the past few months and was geared to especially benefit our young nucleus of volunteers in Albania. The trainer, Mrs. Nora L. Hughes (PhD), offered and conducted this training all the way from Los Angeles, across the Atlantic, making it an out of the ordinary experience for our young trainees.

Thanks to her long involvement in the international business arena, she provided an extra point of view to the locally managed businesses, by including in the curriculum more in depth material about topics of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Competition and Other Barriers, Business Plan Creation, Money Management, etc.

We are glad to have provided another unique type of service to the young entrepreneurs’ community that is part of the Ivanaj Foundation in Albania, which we named ‘VOLIF’ and nurture with loving care. The future of his group is always on top of our planning endeavors, and we invite them to stay tuned for more future opportunities. They are developed for them in mind!