Keeping up the good work! Fourth Training load up…

//Keeping up the good work! Fourth Training load up…

Keeping up the good work! Fourth Training load up…

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In vision of the project “Women for children” we are keeping up the good deeds with the fourth training with another valuable topic such as ‘Educating children about their rights and responsibilities’.

Children’s rights are a subset of human rights.

Children are the main "social capital" of any society that deals with change for a better present and for the future of its members.  Their education promises the chance of improving economic and social conditions, and their psychological well-being holds the promise of a more resilient and culturally rich society.

During this session, our well-educated psychologist, gave some practical tips to the mothers attending the meeting.  She explained that parents need to work to cultivate children’s concern for others because it is essentially the right thing to do, and also because when children have empathy and take responsibility for others, they are likely to be happier and more successful in life. Therefore, they will have better relationships and stronger interactions which are the key ingredients of happiness.

Much more is ahead, thus continue to follow us in the development of this project and all our other ones on our website and social media platforms.

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