“Define your future!” – Another gem in our R.I.N.I. program series

//“Define your future!” – Another gem in our R.I.N.I. program series

“Define your future!” – Another gem in our R.I.N.I. program series

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There is not a dull weekend for our dazzling group of young volunteers.

While a lot of activities in Tirana are being interrupted due to the Covid-19 measures, some of our online meetings continue to evolve and entertain our enthusiastic young group, energized by interesting trainings and beneficial topics.

Last Saturday we had as a host an inspiring speaker, Enea Kondi, who generously shared his experience and knowledge on how to get a head start in the job market.

Enea at only 35 years of age, has a great deal of expertise when it comes to searching for the best suitable job, and what the employers are looking for in a candidate.

He has worked for more than 7 years at Philip Morris International, operating in different departments inside the company, and making his way up to the top as an Acquisition Manager, where he ensures employees productivity, monitoring efficiency of all processes and creating a positive work environment for the staff of the firm.

After operating with 12 businesses, in just 10 years of work history, Enea’s story can be an inspiration for lot of youngsters who should start to be in gear toward the future they seek.

The topics we touched upon were practical insights such as: how to search online for a job; how to make your resume stand out; how to accurately prepare for an interview; and how to keep your hopes high and don’t discourage in times of strenuous challenges.

We had a thriving Q&A moment toward the end of the meeting, when the volunteers had a lot of questions while all the responses from this session were encouraging and uplifting in many ways.

The hassles that our young generation is compelled to live up to due to the pandemic is challenging, but this should not stop our young force of future leaders to clamor for its special place in our society.

Special thanks are due to our inspirational speaker, Enea Kondi, to the participating volunteers, as well as to our involved staff.

Define your future: do so with wise advice, unwavering resolve, and affection.

If you’re also interested in taking part in these sort of online trainings, enroll now and apply to be part of our VOLIF (Volunteers of the Ivanaj Foundation) Hub, follow the link and fill out the form -> https://ivanaj-foundations.org/get-involved/volunteer/#form

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