“Every home is a university, and the parents are the teachers” Mahatma Gandi

In continuation of our project “Women for children”, we have touched so far topics such as children’s exposure to different forms of violence, physical and/or emotional. All training sessions develop topics diverse and actual to our present times.

An abused or neglected child is a person who has been harmed or threatened, mentally or physically by the actions or omissions of the adults responsible for their care. Each stage of child abuse has its own forms, signs, and features. There are several forms of child abuse: physical, emotional, sexual abuse and neglect of children.

Boys and girls are at equal risk of physical and emotional abuse and neglect. As children reach adolescence, peer violence and intimate partner violence, in addition to child maltreatment, become highly prevalent.

Another form of violence very common nowadays is Cyber-bulling.

Cyber-bulling It is a term used to define various forms of psychological abuse during children's online activity. Cyber bullying occurs when people use the internet to threaten, harass, or humiliate someone by sending messages, photos, and videos.

Violence against children can be prevented. Our experienced psychologist, Mrs. Ariola Panteqi, an expert in the field explained the issue to the children participating in our meeting, and pointed out to the mothers attending the session, some helpful tips to intercept and ward off unpleasant experiences that might occur in a complexed society where even mentioning these topics is still a taboo.

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This project is supported by the financial contributions raised by Albanian American Women in Washington DC, through the Valbin's Center for International Programs (CIP) and is being implemented by ‘The Ivanaj Foundations of New York and Tirana’.