Two years ago, we started off this journey of ours with a lot of uncertainty and willingness to create a group of brilliant young minds and to give them new horizons of opportunities to look forward to.

It was a timid kick off, but it grew up beautifully and, needless to say, we are filled with gratitude on how it’s been evolving.

At the beginning we were only a few members meeting in the Ivanaj Foundation Library, brainstorming ideas and getting to know each other. Month after month the group grew and expanded in so many ways, and even though some of our volunteers had to leave us to continue their school or work plans elsewhere, the group remained united and kept on developing.

Till now we have reached the astonishing number of more than 80 enrolled volunteers on our database, 53 of them are still very much active and working remotely doing translations, research work, or getting involved in Projects and Activities. Even the ones that are abroad or that decided to resign are still connected and UpToDate online, via Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

They all come from different backgrounds with their own distinct characteristics and qualities.

The variety inside the group is outstanding, the age range is from 16 to 35, boys and girls, national and international members.

Thanks to a mixture of trainings, workshops, and webinars that we have been able to provide, they developed the right guidance to fulfill tasks successfully and exceed in them.

Even though the pandemic has taken a toll on everybody, it was an admirable example on how much we can still do remotely, respecting the social distance; and how the volunteers can continue to contribute and learn, expanding their professional skills and personal experience.

We are very appreciative of each and every member that dedicated their time and commitment to our Foundation and always encourage new ones to apply and become part of this unique group.

Inspiring things are in store for our future plans, and we’re confident that the Volunteer Hub we created will continue to mature and fulfill the purpose and the goals of our Institute while providing its members with a variety of rewarding as well as pleasurable experiences.

Become now a new member of our Volunteer Hub, follow the link, and complete the form:

Author: Jona Siliqi – Project Planning Coordinator & Volunteer Coordinator