Summer heat still ongoing… but so is our work!

//Summer heat still ongoing… but so is our work!

Summer heat still ongoing… but so is our work!

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This has been and still is a long summer here in Albania, where the hot weather is unrelenting.  Vacation plans throughout the world had to be modified due to the pandemic and for many it was also forfeited.

We, at the Ivanaj Foundation Albanian Institute, where our premises are still officially closed to the general public, have continued to operate, however, behind closed doors and were able to complete many  backlogged tasks and plans to facilitate and make our work easier to handle and more efficient. This was is addition to all other chores and duties that we have applied to implement safer work conditions for our staff, our visitors, and future public use of our facilities. All these changes are in effect and they work out.

While in this mix and aided by a quieter and  uninterrupted atmosphere, we were also able to squeeze in some additional training for our staff and our volunteers thanks to the help and dedication of our IFCIF diaspora team, who conducted for them virtual chats as per our R.I.N.I. series, already reported online.

With this new month, however, work is resumed for all the projects that had to be put on hold during the summer. Some restructuring and reassignment have to take place, especially for projects dealing with cross borders collaborators, and some activities are shifted online, but all seems to proceed smoothly so far.

For those of you that also follow us on our other online media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. we would like to attract your attention to some of our postings for “Call for Applicants”. Please share this information with people that could take advantage of what we offer, and/or encourage them to respond, as indicated.

An additional facet of our work that has been patiently waiting to be tackled is now getting more of our attention and is being further developed, notwithstanding the still needed collaborations of expertise and funding for it.  It’s the ‘Publishing’ of historical, cultural and educational material about which you’ll soon will see more news about it posted by us online.

Keep tuned in, and do not forget to help us wherever and whenever you can. Our ‘donate’ page is always ready for you...!

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