On August 7th, 2020, a brief, but special ceremony was organized by the “M&M Ivanaj Foundation Institut” to present the donation of a pump and its accessories to the Bubq Administrative Unit in Kruja Municipality. This whole project was made possible by the generous grant of “The Gray-Butler Family” of  Los Angeles, CA, USA, through the “Ivanaj Foundations of New York and Tirana” and the logistic support by the Spanish Ambassador in Tirana, Mr. Canelles and his wife, that facilitated the shipment of the mechanisms from the manufacturer in Spain. A plaque was positioned at the place of the now installed pump as a symbol of this donation.

This new facility now provides freshwater for a few thousand people in Bubq village, whose houses were destroyed by the November 2019 earthquake and the expansion throughout   the village after its reconstruction. The original pump that broke years ago and was never replaced, created an even more critical situation for the village, living in tents due to the earthquakes and also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This donation was greatly welcomed by all involved, the Mayor of Kruja, the Head of Bubq Administrative Unit, public authorities working in the water supply sector, and most clearly by the local citizens.

Present at the ceremony were Ms. Drita Ivanaj, Executive Director of the Ivanaj Foundation, Mr. Agron Karaj, Head of the Bubq Administrative Unit, Mr. Canelles, Spanish Ambassador in Albania, and his wife Mrs. Quaroni, as well as the Foundation’s and Bubq’s A.U. staff. While Mr. Karaj thanked the Foundation for its donation and emphasized the vital importance of the pump for the locals, Ms. Ivanaj, in giving a brief recount of how this feat was made possible, also expressed thanks to all present, the donor and everyone else that helped to achieve the successful implementation of this project.

The plaque, covered by a combination of the American and Albanian flags, showing the contribution and the cooperation between the entities in the two countries, was unveiled creating a very emotional moment in all present.   

The Ivanaj Foundations of New York and Tirana, as per their mission,  will continue to work in providing people opportunities of a better life, and invite everyone to support their mission and projects with their contributions.