There are different points of view throughout the world on how to hold meetings during the pandemic. It has been quite some time now that we, at the Ivanaj Foundation, are adapting to the new normal by holding online sessions. The most recent are virtual sessions held under the R.I.N.I. series.

On Friday, July 18th, we had a very interesting session between members of the Volunteer Hub and Mr. Faton Limani, member of the IFCIF team.

The meeting was focused on “Purpose in leadership”. Mr. Limani explained to the virtual audience what “purpose” means, what is the importance of having a purpose and emphasized the importance of young people having a purpose. He also described his own experience and life journey explaining its difficulties, obstacles, solutions, and outcomes, all related to his life.

“Failure is one of many obstacles you will face in life” – he said – “but as long as failure is not fatal, then it is not bad”. This was a very important message, that the young audience appreciated and expressed to be helpful in their future endeavors.

The Albanian youngsters had many questions, not only on purpose or how to find it, but on leadership as well. The experienced speaker answered all questions and oriented young people on how to exercise leadership in their everyday life.

The interest of young people on the R.I.N.I. series remains high. Maybe, through it and our other activities, we are forging the Albanian leaders of tomorrow…

This series will continue with other speakers and other topics. If you want to be part of it, sign up and become a member of our Volunteer Hub. We welcome everyday new additions to the team.