As the head and founder of the Ivanaj Foundations of New York and Tirana, let me say, first of all, that I feel fortunate to be able to post online, even during the current gloomy days of the global pandemic situation, some productive and  interesting  information that relates specifically to the further expansion of our development plans and work, and the people involved in them.

In addition to our committed STAFF and our Hub of young Volunteers (VOLIF), created and maintained since two years ago, recently, we have enlarged the BOARD of the Ivanaj Foundation Institut of Tirana with distinguished new members, and, additionally, have formed a special ‘Think Tank’ group from the Albanian diaspora, which supports with its expertise our educational and cultural mission.  

Our expanded Board whose members are on both sides of the Atlantic was able to meet for the first time virtually this past week. Their roster is available on the above page together with our updated organizational chart.  

The new Think Tank that was part of my original vision dating back years ago, is also a reality now, that operates on virtual platforms on a regularly scheduled basis. Its acronym is IFCIF that stands for “The Ivanaj Foundations Committee for Imaging the Future”, and currently consists of six members that have graciously accepted my invitation, some of whom I met and got to know more than two decades ago.

The purpose of IFCIF, as stated in the my Concept paper (linked above), is to incorporate into the Ivanaj Foundations’ mission the involvement of a Think Tank of global expertise for imagining, and in support of, the future of culture and education for Albanian young generations. This team’s contributions can embrace spearheading initiatives in these fields, making suggestions for action, helping to find revenue streams, coming up with research topics, and guiding related study with the help of collaborating volunteers.   

It is a great pleasure for me to see that my original plans have not only taken a solid foot on which to stand and operate, but can also count on a growing number of individuals that are taking at heart and share our goals, for which they are willing to commit  time, energy, and expertise in fulfilling the mission that we set for helping the Albanian young generations create a better world for themselves.   

Thank you!