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I have been engaged 24/7 with facing the crisis that came to work as a storm / tornado and we are still working long hours in different directions to cope with the changes. But I want to share with you a moment that should happen to everyone and I hope it happens as soon as possible. We have to move from surviving (war for survival) to thriving (to ‘flourish’, to compete, to ‘win’ …). This is a topic that we repeat with all the groups at work and I want to start thinking on the social side of our communities.

This crisis will not pass after any calendar date set by Trump or the governors of our states. We are in another world which is similar to the one on September 11, 2001. After that attack we all started taking off our shoes before getting on a plane and accepted that as a new normal. This is a new normal that we accepted after 9/11.

Even now after COVID-19 we will have a new normal which will be with us for a very long time. Here it happened and we all had the first stages of creating a new normal where self and family would feel somewhat safe. We all started with the state of survival. This is normal and we may be at this stage for different amounts of time. This situation brings us even closer to friends and family. We are checking each other every day how things are going since everything can change within a day. We created new routines and now we have to think about how to move from survival actions to actions to compete, to win, in this new world.

This new world has new and new competitors. Someone more prepared and someone more unprepared, but here’s the race. Now we all have to go through the survival phase which tends to reduce and eliminate the changes which also bring new risks. This is now the new reality and we need to adapt and compete as soon as possible. The new world does not expect everyone to take time to adapt. The new world is competing in this new normal. We have to compete. We need to think about how to win in these new races because life is not spent in survival. I wish you competitive and winning thoughts this weekend.

Above are pensive feelings from a collaborator of our Foundation, jotted down by him on Facebook, on a spare of a moment, but truly worth of more sharing (done with his permission, of course!)

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