Boring routine, I miss you!

//Boring routine, I miss you!

Boring routine, I miss you!

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--Article by Klaudia Hoxha, member of our Volunteer Hub

It is widely acknowledged that the daily routine can be boring, unproductive and sometimes worthless. At the moment of speaking, many schools and jobs worldwide have closed due to the actual pandemic and people all around are facing quarantine. To put it simply, we are experiencing the lack of everyday habits, adjusting to learning, socializing and working remotely, spending more time with family, and sacrificing comfort and convenience for a common good.

People are divided in their opinion regarding the routine, whether it is boring or necessary! Personally speaking, I had to take one month off from my day job, due to the virus situation. In the first days, it felt great… no alarm clocks, no set schedules, no hurries, no stress. Literally, it was awesome! So, after a nine-hour sleep, I woke up feeling refreshed, juvenile but a bit lazy. It wasn’t midday already, when I felt a bit bored and fatigued. Consequently, I really started to miss my so-called boring routine.

To begin with, getting up early and on time, eating breakfast for 10 minutes, waiting for the bus to come, having a hot cup of coffee in the office. In addition, enjoying my lunch, having small talks with colleagues, sharing opinions about different topics, thus socializing. Needless to say, the things we do regularly are hundred times more important than those things we do rarely.

First and foremost, it helps in keeping the mental health in check, makes me get out of bed and gives me a sense of belonging. I need a routine to get my things done properly! Among others, it saves time, increases accuracy, punctuality, discipline. Moreover, it contributes in boosting our self-esteem and also enhances self-confidence. Not to mention that, without routine, we develop a sense of laziness and instead of doing things, we skip them for a later moment, which automatically leads to not doing them at all!

Taking everything into account, the benefits of attending a daily schedule far outweigh the drawbacks. Hence, it is essential to have the day well-organized, in order to function accurately!

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