RiniaSot.al – A new platform of the Ivanaj Foundation

//RiniaSot.al – A new platform of the Ivanaj Foundation

RiniaSot.al – A new platform of the Ivanaj Foundation

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We are happy to introduce our new creation, the online platform: RiniaSot.al. This platform concludes our activities in the framework of “My friend the Police” project which was initiated by the Ivanaj Foundation and supported by the Municipality of Tirana. This platform will serve as a virtual space for sharing experiences, methodologies and information about the civic, individual and institutional rights and responsibilities and the important role of school, family, community, local governance and other state structures.

The main principle of the platform is to increase cooperation between parents, teachers, educational institutions and other community stakeholders to achieve better communication, that will result in professional solutions to any issues that have to do with violence and security in schools.

The guidelines presented here are a result of the efforts of this project, which consisted of assessment of needs and research, the input of experienced experts, a variety of informative sessions implemented in the 11 administrative units of Tirana, and the feedback received from the parents and teachers who participated in these sessions. Dealing with violence and security issues in schools should be everyone’s concern for the sake of our children that will inherit and lead this country, so we invite everyone to become an active voice in this platform by offering any experiences or solutions they have on these important issues.