Here’s to Hope!

//Here’s to Hope!

Here’s to Hope!

By | 2019-12-03T13:28:55+01:00 November 27th, 2019|Blog|

As the whole world knows by now, in the early hours of November 26th, 2019, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit the mid-western part of Albania and was strongly felt in Tirana, the port city of Durrës, and in Thumanë.  Entire buildings collapsed especially in the mentioned last two areas and salvage efforts continue. More than 40 people were pulled out alive so far, but unfortunately 26 did not make it. While 650 people have been treated for injuries and panic attacks in Tirana and Durrës hospitals, the Government has called a state of emergency for the affected areas and has proclaimed November 27th a National Mourning Day!

It’s a sad end of November when Holidays are approaching. This year, on November 28th, both Albania’s Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day could have been jointly celebrated, but this unfortunate and unpredictable situation provides all of us, here in Albania, to be doubly thankful.

Over a period of 24 hours at our Foundation we were overwhelmed by the many inquiries about our safety from friends across the globe (USA, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Israel, etc.). We want to reiterate here that, even though all of us were quite emotionally affected, we are deeply thankful for their thoughtfulness and reassure them all that we are all physically well, and so are our homes and our Foundation premises here in Tirana. We are blessed to be working in a sound building constructed with the latest standards, and within modern and well equipped offices that are admired by the now thousands of people that have visited us or attend our variety of events.

We take this opportunity to also renew our thanks and gratitude to all our supporters, partners collaborators, friends, and volunteers alike. We are lucky to have you on our side and feel rich to be able to count on your nurturing.

Grateful for all the efforts now underway to help affected Albanians during this critical time, our thoughts and prayers join everyone else’s in the hope that no more casualties are confirmed and that the affected people will be provided shelter and home in the upcoming winter.