September 2019 in Albania will be remembered for quite a while for closing the summer season with  quite a bang! The strong seismic movements that shook and traumatize everyone for 2 full days which started on September 21 and left a trail of hundreds more other aftershocks, was followed by torrential rains that produced dangerous situations and disasters across the country.

Now the leaves are beginning to turn their color even in Tirana, along its boulevards, notwithstanding the continuing hot weather, tempered only in the evenings by scattered storms here and there.

We are happy to report that our Foundation’s premises have not suffered any damage whatsoever, since we are fortunate to be located in our own, new sturdy complex, constructed according to the latest standards.

The starting month of October is seeing a quick pick up of activities all the way around and even in the first day of this month we have already held 2 important events:  one in the morning organized by us, and the other one in the evening, when we hosted someone else’s gathering for networking purposes.

The VoA (Voice of America) evening TV program reported our morning activity (as per video in YouTube), which consisted of the official opening of phase 2 of our STC (Senior Technology Club) project. It was International Day for Seniors and the perfect time to present to all interested participants what we plan to conduct for them, with the aid of some of our young Volunteers, for the next 8 weeks in this second portion of this program. An incredible response of great interest was shown on the part of all present, who enjoyed our presentations and reception.

More than 2 dozen seniors have signed up to participate in this joint venture that will couple young technological knowhow with the often overlooked and underestimated pool of life long experiences. Beneficial results are anticipated on both sides, as already demonstrated in phase 1 of this activity when conducted last year.   At the end of the current 2-month program all participants will have the chance to enjoy a day outing, outside of Tirana, to a site of their choice.

Other projects and plans are in the works for this fall season, thus, stay tuned in for further news!!