There are only three (3) more days (deadline is on Friday, September 6th  ) to make a donation to our Fundraiser on FB, regarding our upcoming  STC program in Tirana– BUT, you are still on time if you click here for a quick reach and contribution via FB:

But this is not a finish line for contributions since we have other means for you to add your financial support towards our efforts, at any time, by using our ‘Donate’ page in our website:

And…. with this message we wish to applaud the friends that have chosen this way to do so, bypassing what FB does not allow to do in certain areas.  THANK YOU to all of you who have already donated via PayPal and Guidestar (Network for Good); we know who you are and are grateful for your thoughtfulness and participation!

Additionally, we confirm that our work plan for the second phase of this worthwhile program of ours (much appreciated by its participants, as we documented in its phase 1 conducted in the fall of 2018), is continuing in any case, independently from the total amount that we are raising. We are going to tailor it based on the total contributions received, which so far have reached the amount of $ 2,900. All of it will be spent wisely and we shall let you its results by this year’s end.

This is without counting the many hours already spent by our staff and the additional ones that they will put in conjunction with some of our volunteers, to conduct this program throughout its timeframe, spanning  8 weeks (Nov-Dec 2019), as well as the donated equipment (tablets)  that is already on its way to Albania, where it will be distributed to the most needy participants.

Now that vacation time is over, please think what can be done for a group of individuals that are not well supported in Albania: the forgotten Senior set!

Join us in this effort, and many thanks!