Last Friday afternoon a visitor from northern Albania came to visit us accompanied by some of his local friends in Tirana. They all came bearing gifts of different kind and a lively discussion took place about a special idea that needs further development to become a reality.  Needless to say we shall disclose it, if and when it can take place.

Meantime, our visitors here did enjoy a tour of our premises and we are grateful for their donations in kind: a book by Z. Ilmi Kurti from Shkodra, who also presented us with 3 memorials honoring the Ivanajs, a bouquet of flowers and a painting (depicting area of Montenegro where my ancestors lived) from the art gallery of Myftar and Vjollca Cubi.



Thanks also go to Journalist of Albanian Radio Television, Z. Tom Therҁaj, who did an excellent job of interpreting and moderating the energetic dialog that ensued at times from the use of 3 different languages during the meeting.