On Friday 24th of May, the entire group got together to discuss something very important and vital to move forward and reach our next goal in this endeavor of ours.

Sixteen brand new custom-made Volunteer Positions, written and thought for them, were announced and presented to the group.

These positions are various and diverse, ranging from advocacy, to event planning, to donation positions and stimulating ones such as entertainment, tour guide, and more others.

Each role is essential and vital to the Foundation life and structure. Only skilled and capable individuals can make a difference in applying those to specific tasks.

Each position will have at least 4 – 5 members, with one of them guiding the group, thus creating a functional way of working and a more efficient and quick system that will create a productive circle of work.

The leaders of each group will serve as the connecting bridge between our Volunteer Coordinator and their teammates. The aim is to accomplish and implement projects, seminars, organize entertaining, educational and, often, even fundraising events. All this can be done by our lovely Volunteer force.

Shout out to the group, our big family is keen to accomplish some tangible goals.

We have promising months ahead, and can’t wait to share our results as soon as possible!