Recently, the Ivanaj Foundation Institute in Tirana has been again the recipient of art works, donated this time by the well known Albanian painter, architect, and writer, Max Velo.

He has gifted 7 different works that, he declares, were inspired by the personality of Mirash Ivanaj whom he also relates with as an ex political prisoner during the dark days of Albania.  They vary in size and type of art from small sketches with pencil on paper, to a couple large ones of charcoal on paper and an oil paint. All of them were based only on some photographs that have appeared in the past few years in newspapers articles illustrating Mirash Ivanaj’s life and work dedicated to his country: Albania.

As the niece of my beloved Uncle Mirash, I am grateful to the artist that I have just had the pleasure of meeting and introducing him to the Ivanaj Foundations’ premises.  These works are now permanently displayed throughout our offices.