It’s been an intense year of work for all our staff and our bright and dynamic young group of volunteers. The number grew fast and the bonding within the group settled out smoothly.

The engagement of our troop of youngsters was refreshing and gratifying to make us eager to develop further a program for them, including exclusive and attractive volunteer positions, for which we will publish soon a more detailed dedicated blog.

It is a great challenge for young people living in Albania to see through the difficulties and the monochromatic vision of life they strive to overcome, despite their restless hopeful perception that every young person cherishes within itself.

As stated in the Foundation mission, our now operative cultural center is becoming a great facilitator and focal point of ideas and projects that will serve as a network for the development of youth social programs.

Volunteering means working with others to make a meaningful contribution toward a better community.

But there’s more to volunteering than being selfless. Volunteering often helps the volunteers in more ways than the people or the projects they support.

Aside from giving a boost to their resumes, volunteering can also have a life-changing effect on their personal life. Here are some of the most important things volunteerism offers especially to the young’s undertaking:

*Learning New Skills

One fantastic thing that volunteering can offer is a new understanding of one’s own abilities. Every task can help understand how to accomplish something new. Volunteering is the perfect vehicle to discover and develop a new skill.

*Providing a Test for the Future

An added side effect of volunteering is that it gives an opportunity to try out possible careers, majors, and opportunities.  Volunteering can be helpful in solidifying one’s interests.

*Meeting New People

Though it might not sound unique to volunteering, meeting new people can have a different aspect through volunteering than anywhere else. Having the opportunity to meet and speak with new people provides a way of looking at the world that can broaden one’s horizons.


*Accomplishing Something Important!

Sometimes, giving back can be awarding and it also gives a sense of fulfillment. Though certain skills might be beneficial to, and help the community, it can also improve one’s self-esteem and confidence by accomplishing something never thought it could be achievable.

Bottom line: volunteering is more than just a way to boost experiences to be used for applying for a job, or obtaining a refence.  What is learned in this process can in turn provide effects that can last a long time and will act as a foundation to build upon for the rest of one’s life.

We love each member of our volunteer crew, and we’re yearning for our group to grow, mature, and become an effective force in the future of our country. To jump on board with us click here.