On April 16th, we hosted another joint event with Sfida Biznesi on the topic of how to develop a business using open source software and methods.

The guest speaker was Mr. Redon Skikuli whose experience and contribution for the propagation of open source software and community is well-recognized in Albania and abroad.

Mr. Skikuli gave a brief historical overview of how the open source and hackerspace mentality and principles developed through a community of people whose contribution now touches all of our lives.

He emphasized how opens source software stands at the core of many of the devices and software services we depend on daily.

Via concrete examples he shared several methods and ways through which youth, freelances, entrepreneurs and businesses could create or utilize existing open source software and solutions to better serve their needs and communities.

This collaboration with Sfida Biznesi will continue to bring more informative session with speakers and topics of interest to youth, freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals.