In the suburb area of Tirana, at the Community Center in Shkoza (QKSH), a group of volunteers of the M & M Ivanaj Foundation along with staff members of the Institute, contributed to the organization of the social lunch on Friday, February 22nd, 2019.

The Shkoza Community Center was built by the Municipality of Tirana to serve and support people in need, children, abused women and the mistreated and abandoned elderly people.

In the framework of the United Nations 2030 agenda for the Sustainable Development Goals, the M & M Ivanaj Foundation Institut has started to undertake activities to raise awareness about these goals. The month of February was dedicated to Goal No. 1. No Poverty.

” To end poverty in all its forms everywhere by 2030″ is the motto of Goal No.1.

It’s not easy to get rid of poverty, but big things start with small steps and endeavors. Albanian society still needs to involve volunteering work as part of their lives. The Foundation’s volunteer team is a group of young people trained on disability rights and social inclusion and gives their continuous support to community centers.

The purpose of the social lunch, in cooperation with the Municipality, is a real-life example of one of the ways we can help people and children with loving and caring attention, serving them not only food but also the affection that they deserve as human beings.

The Community Center of Shkoza has a wonderful staff that works every day with an inspiring desire to serve the little angels and the adults that knock on their doors.

The M & M Ivanaj Foundation Institut will continue the journey it has undertaken to raise awareness about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, to highlight their significance, showing that if we join our efforts together, we can become the force that makes change happen.

This global program has started its journey and we have a few more years to go marching towards 2030. If you wish to join us, you can find more information visiting our website