The Ivanaj Foundations, continuing last year’s tradition, are organizing a Campaign to help children in need. Last year, we were able to help 94 children at “4 Dëshmorët” school in Tirana.

This time, the donated items will go to schools in need outside Tirana.

You can donate toys or books for children aged 4 to 14 at the Ivanaj Foundation in the toybox on the first floor. Alternative solutions are financial contributions to our website or donations in person at the Foundation’s premises.

The drive will continue from November 5th until December 14th, 2018. After that date, the collected items will be packed and distributed to the schools in need.

Contact: Ivanaj Foundations

St. Perlat Rexhepi, Nd. 19, H.9 Tirana

Tel: 04 450 2680 / email: [email protected]