October 10th of last year was the officially opening of  the Ivanaj Foundations’ premises in Tirana, where finally we had  the physical setup of facilities we planned for almost two decades, dating back to the time of the founding of our  two organizations, created first in New York and a year later in Albania.

The past year has been a busy one in our newly built site where we have hosted and successfully carried out a great variety of multiple activities, already described all along in this blog.

This 1st anniversary was a joyous occasion that was celebrated by our staff with almost 100 guests, comprising Board members, collaborators, projects’ partners, volunteers, old and new friends of all ages.

The conversations were lively, the musical and vocal performances entertaining, the colorful food and goodies beautifully displayed, the drinks flowing, and after the birthday cake  presentation ,the Founder, Drita Ivanaj, briefly greeted  the audience. Several gifts of flowers and plants and a couple of original gifts were also received from our guests with their best wishes for our future.

Thank you to one and all!