On September 25, 2018, the M. & M. Ivanaj Foundation Institute in Tirana, in cooperation with the publishing house “Jozef” and “radiandradi.com” organized in its premises a jubilee conference  “In the name of…culture”, accompanied by the promotion of the new book ” Ministri i Hekurt – Mirash Ivanaj ” (Minister of Iron) by Lazër Radi. Both proceedings commemorated three (3) anniversaries: Dr. Martin Ivanaj’s birth 130 years ago, and the demises of both Prof. Mirash Ivanaj and Dr. Lazer Radi, respectively 65 and 20 years ago.

Nine speakers took turns on the podium and addressed the large audience to share their views, reflections, and extracts from their academic studies highlighting the outstanding lives of these three personalities.  The opening statement by the Ivanaj Foundations’ President, Drita Ivanaj, who could not be physically present for this occasion, was read, and the Foundation’s Vice President, Pertefe Leka, also welcomed the guests in person. She emphasized the importance of educating the younger generations with institutional and human memory preservation to deal properly with the past, to appreciate the contribution of different personalities for the purpose of promoting valuable national principles.

The panel of esteemed speakers, whose subject themes are also listed below, included:

1. Prof. Pertefe Leka – Researcher, Historian and Vice President of the Ivanaj Foundation Institute.

Topic: Ivanajs’ insurgency and diplomatic role in the preparation of the Declaration of Independence and protection of the Albanian state in the book “Ministri I Hekurt -Mirash Ivanaj” by Lazër Radi.

2. Dr. Nevila Nika – Historian, Researcher, former long-term Director of Albania’s National Archives

Topic: “A short trip through the treasury of documents of the Ivanaj brothers”

3. Ernestina Halili-Gjergji – Educator, Scholar and Writer

Topic: The Albanian pilgrim and the Minister of Iron! Lazer Radi and Mirash Ivanaj

4. Dine Dine – Writer, Publicist

Topic: An overview of the life and work of Professor Mirash Ivanaj

5. Prof. Dritan Spahiu – Lecturer, Physicist, Scholar

Topic: “About the Albanian national education, according to Mirash Ivanaj’s reform during Zog’s monarchy”

6. Prof. Uran Butka – Historian, Writer, Politician and friend of the Ivanaj family

Topic: “The persecution of Mirash Ivanaj by the communist regime”.

7. Dr. Odeta Zhegu – Researcher, Translator

Topic: “Mirash Ivanaj – The Man and The Diplomat”

8. Jozef Radi – Researcher, Writer, Journalist

Topic: “The Ivanajs: From the poetic to the state-building spirit”

9. Prof. Kristaq Jorgo – Professor, Lecturer, Researcher

Topic: “Meditation on a phenomenon: Martin and Mirash Ivanaj of Lazër Radi”

At the conclusion of this whole event, in the Library of the Ivanaj Foundation, as part of the homage to Prof. Mirash Ivanaj, there was a full display of original and official documentation signed by him during his tenure in office as the Minister of Public Education of Albania. This exhibit was generously offered and presented exclusively at this occasion by the National State Archives of Albania.

This whole event included the attendance of Mr. Aurel Kaculin, publisher of the promoted book, who also supported the organization of this commemorative occasion with a series of other works printed by his publishing house “Joseph”, as part of the work conducted by Dr. Lazër Radi.

A gallery of pictures of this celebratory can be found below.