Last Friday, the meeting of our group was programmed to better integrate the interaction of its members into something more elaborate and gratifying during a workshop where different topics were going to be outspread.

One of our volunteers and mentor, Ariola, did an amazing job in working out this program and making it attractive and fun for everyone. This meeting’s participants, along with our staff, had the opportunity to learn more about themselves and exchange their emotions within the group.

To highlight the strength and importance of confidentiality, we started off by playing an interactive game, where we unraveled the depth of our subconscious. The way Ariola worked this out lead the participants to be more at ease with each other, and harmoniously work throughout the session.

Starting with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs we end up working and cooperating as a team through the disclosure of its significance in real life and by pointing out our personal conclusions. Other methods to increase self-esteem and how to determine our weak and strong points were touched upon by the end of the session, but this was just an intro of what our workshop will offer in the fall.

We won’t let the heat of these summer days stop us from working.  Our staff and our volunteer team will continue tirelessly in our undertaking to offer a stimulating program, while developing ourselves and attracting additional members, and interested parties, enough to keep our premises busy for the entire upcoming year!

More information related to this Workshop will be forthcoming during August; meantime, we’ll see each other again in our premises in September!  Happy summer!