A ‘creative’ approach to the art of management

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A ‘creative’ approach to the art of management

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In supporting the young generation with professional training in various fields we are partnering with other organizations, businesses and individuals who can offer their expertise in important key fields.

Last Saturday we started a collaborating partnership with Eno Barjami, who now teaches in our premises a course he has developed on the subject of ‘Creative Management’.

Eno is an Entrepreneur, Teacher in Art and Design, Screenwriter, Illustrator, Art Consultant and Graphic Designer, who, through his personal experience, has developed a specialized course aimed at spreading  “Emotional and Practical Intelligence” as an aid to others who want to practice the ‘Art of management’ in their lives and work.

The creative management happens when one learns to deal in a more effective and less stressful way, with life and work through strengthening of character, activation of creative intelligence, practices of self control and esteem, thus reducing negative power and enhancing instead positive energy for a better overall balance.

Eno’s course is conducted every Saturday for a period of two months.

About the Author:

Ms. Ivanaj is the founder and President of The Martin and Mirash Ivanaj Foundation in New York, and the M. & M. Ivanaj Foundation Institute in Tirana (Albania)