One of our goals is to create a warm and nourishing environment for the entrepreneurs and individuals who have ideas that can turn into business opportunities. It is with this goal in mind that we have created the concept of the Ivanaj Business Incubator Hub.

StartupLive Tirana is an international event that aims to foster entrepreneurial skills, provide hands-on experience for students and connect academic knowledge with business practices.  We have decided to join our efforts with its Albanian organizer, Unique Junior Enterprise, not only in hosting this event, but also supporting the young students and their ideas through our own mentors and by awarding the Ivanaj prize (a complete package with several important nourishing and supporting elements) which will go to one of the winning teams and will become part of the Ivanaj Business Hub.

StartupLive is an annual event that gathers young enthusiasts, successful entrepreneurs, business ‘angels’ and coaches. It is a forum that brings together people with ideas, others searching for inspiration, and those who already climbed the stairs to a successful business. The conference is a three-day event where the guest mentors share their valuable experience and philosophy on how business is conducted.

We are currently working on improving every element of this year’s conference to provide a pleasant venue for business-oriented people to interact with each other and share experiences. It’s going to take place from May 18 through May 20, 2018 in our premises at the M&M Ivanaj foundations Institute in Tirana.