This Christmas season we took on a new initiative, to bring a smile to the children in need at one of the local elementary schools. Though this is a time of festivities there are still many Albanian families that struggle to put food on the table, let alone buy presents and toys for their children.

Currently, there are many charity organizations doing a wonderful work in providing food and clothes, efforts which we applaud, but we felt that these children would also need some toys and presents, especially during this season.

Thus, as part of our charity work, not only as a Foundation, because individuals can also become involved whenever they wish, we organized an event entitled: “Give a toy, give a smile” in support of the “4 Deshmoret” elementary school, to help especially children in need.

We were so pleased to find that people responded and contributed in different ways. We received financial donations through our website and in cash. Others brought new and used toys which were dropped in our TOY BOX-es located at the Foundation’s premises as well as at “Spar” supermarket at Rr. Perlat Rexhepi, Tirane.

All financial contributions were used to buy toys and books for the children. All the presents and toys were wrapped nicely by our dedicated staff. In the end, in collaboration with the school director, they were all delivered to the children, whom in turn had prepared a nice Christmas concert for everyone.

Thanks to this initiative and the contributions we received, 94 low income children were able to receive gifts and toys.

Check out some of the photos and video from the event as well as a post on the school’s Facebook page.