Sunshine, flowers and new opportunities! (Video)

//Sunshine, flowers and new opportunities! (Video)

Sunshine, flowers and new opportunities! (Video)

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March 2017, with it’s beautiful sunshine, increased energy and flourishing flowers everywhere, finds us with almost finished work in all areas, central heating and cooling system, a working private elevator, security cameras, fire alarm, etc. We are now ordering furniture and computer hardware for the entire staff area and for the training rooms. Slowly the interior is taking shape and we are soon going to start working on much needed projects in the education and cultural fields.

The single mission of the Ivanaj Foundations of Tirana and New York to “Advance Cultural Education for the Albanian Youth” is supported by a 3 prong approach in: Educational training; Promoting cultural preservation and Becoming a business incubator.

In addition to offices our floor includes spaces for:

  • large events area,
  • training rooms,
  • a well-furnished library with networking facilities,

where a range of programs can be implemented from workshops and seminars, to publishing projects to preserve Albania’s rich culture and history, and a national volunteer program that will combine mature expertise with youthful training.

We believe that in order for a community to thrive, its residents must have a secure and free environment  where they can be provided plenty of support and opportunities to network with each other, learn, create and give back to their communities. It is our goal to provide this environment and become Albania’s first “cultural hub”.

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