Interested in development?

//Interested in development?

Interested in development?

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There is plenty of room for involvement!  Let us tell you why and how.

For a while you may have followed our construction development project in Tirana, and we can tell you that its realization is on schedule and it is entering its final stages of completion.

The structure that was planned two years ago to replace the original residence of the Ivanaj Family, built by two patriotic brothers, Martin and Mirash, in the middle 1930’s on what was then a virgin soil zone, is now a modern 9-story, L-shaped building at the intersection of two main streets in what is now Tirana’s city center and upper scale part of town (only 7 minute car ride from/to Tirana’s main square).

Part of Tirana Center

This entire complex (to be named ‘Rezidenca Ivanaj’) that includes underground garages and embraces an inside courtyard of assorted (to be planted) greenery, has its outside perimeter already lined up on both street angles by newly planted (‘bliri’-‘tilia’) lime scented trees, and completely reconstructed sidewalks.  garden-base

The entire first floor of this establishment is totally dedicated for use by the Ivanaj Foundations of Tirana and New York, as headquarters for their operations and development of planned programs and projects, benefitting Albanian culture and educational within the country and abroad.


Setting up of these premises for their intended purposes is a real challenge for a variety reasons, and it involves all sorts of expertise in addition to the basic architecture. To eventually be able to open our floor to all we want to serve, we are glad of being able to cope with whatever needs to be done now, including the very dissimilar and unsystematic European way of work from what we are used to, based on decades of successful projects’ implementations in the U.S.

One particular item that will face visitors when they exit our private elevator to enter our floor, is going to be a marble ‘Honor Wall’ where we hope to engrave the names of individuals, businesses, institutions that will become major donors to our organizations.

lobby's plan


All sorts of contributions are needed and can be made, as per below, but let us reiterate other ways in which you can support our development:

  1. You can help spread our news and needs, or engage others in doing the same, via social media, among friends and family, or within your own network or organization;
  2. You can solicit contributions to favor us with cash (any amount is welcomed and appreciated), or in kind, as explained in our ‘Donate’ web-section;
  3. All contribution made to our New York Foundation are tax deductible for US purposes and can be used by us in Albania, as per IRS ruling;
  4. Donors of large contributions can specify, if they wish, how the funds they provide should be used (ie: buying furniture or equipment for our training rooms, naming a room after their family, or displaying their family mementos in our exhibit areas, etc.)

Many of you have helped us consistently with personal checks, and we are honored to have such loyal friends and followers, but now we need to enlarge our donors’ network and your involvement becomes even more important in our development.

Online contributions are also possible and effective, thus please click here  for more details, and point them out to whoever else you may reach. Many thanks for your attention and action.