The last stretch is still a bit long……!

//The last stretch is still a bit long……!

The last stretch is still a bit long……!

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The building’s construction is in the final months of finalization.  All the balconies are completed and look very nice with their tinted glass enclosures. The outside shell of the Foundation’s floor is also all glass, which will extend downwards to surround the entire perimeter of all the street floor units, and the Foundation’s private main entrance.

The sidewalks along the two side streets and the internal gardens are now taking shape, and our work for the balance of the interior setup of the Foundation’s facilities is progressing well, but still lots has to be done to furnish and have the premises functional.

Some planning is quite challenging in order to take into consideration not only the initial stages of needs, but the planned expansion of usage, coupled by the quick changing technology and related investments.

The electrical and hvac installations are almost complete, and the ceilings (hiding all sort of mechanical pipelines, cables, runners, etc.) are now being covered;  the plastering of the walls should be next, followed by the ceramic and parquet floor tiles that are waiting to be laid down. Our attention now must be directed on completing the planning for the furnishings, and the best possible layout of IT equipment and systems, which will include security and surveillance everywhere on our 3 levels of entrances (garages, ground and first floor).

The heat is on, not only for all this work and plans, but also in temperature that at this writing in Tirana has reached 38C (100F)!