Holidays’ greetings

//Holidays’ greetings

Holidays’ greetings

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On behalf of the Ivanaj Foundations of New York and Tirana, and myself:

GREETINGS to Relatives, Friends, and Fans alike, on both sides of the Atlantic, for the upcoming holidays of both the THANKSGIVING  and Albania’s INDEPENDENCE DAYs, which always fall within the same time period every year.  The well known bond between the United States and Albania is reinforced even by this connection, and so are our organizations in both above cities where they share a common mission and goals.

We take this opportunity to renew our heartfelt THANKS to all who have been so generous throughout the year in donating  their time, advice, expertise, and financial support toward our developing plans and projects.

We also wish to remind everyone that if you are shopping online via ‘Amazon Smile’ you will automatically add a small contribution that the Amazon Foundation will later disburse to us (on a quarterly basis).   All you need to do is to point to our organization’s name when shopping with them (

May you all enjoy these upcoming holidays in good health and in a safe environment.

Drita Ivanaj