The knack of recycling

//The knack of recycling

The knack of recycling

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One item that we may not pay much attention to during our busy way of modern living, or at least that does not appear to be a priority to follow through with it all the time, is what and how we need to discard and should properly dispose of on a daily basis. We should instinctively feel responsible for our actions that have a significant impact on the humankind that surrounds us, not because we are obliged by rules that are now more or less established in almost every country, but because we are an integral part of our respective communities about which we should be concerned.

Regulations in this field do change to facilitate local requirements of disposal, and to keep up with new products and materials that are continuously developed and used by our modern society. They must not damage our environment when discarded, but rules’ enforcement is an upward hill to conquer.  This is a fact of life everywhere, from huge cosmopolitan centers to smaller villages, which requires constant education and unrelenting awareness programs to succeed.

During my past two decades of traveling to and from Albania and Italy I have had to deal with garbage disposal and recycling systems, both as a short or long term visitor, while not lodging in hotels. I have observed a variety of situations in this matter none of which, however, producing the optimally wanted outcome.

It would take pages to describe the experiences I have encountered, some of which I documented in a personal blog that I kept online for over a decade; but, leaving the negatives aside, here I just want to acknowledge the positive progress made in garbage pickup in Albania’s capital in the past 20 years.

Not much is mentioned online, except perhaps that some laws have been approved for recycling, but, like everything else in Albania, follow ups and rules’ enforcement are not yet strong points in its society.  In any case, regarding this matter, much has been done in facilitating routine pickups of garbage and for the first time this year well labeled recycling bins are beginning to appear in the city’s parks, as per this post’s caption.




In the early 1990’s there were city corners where piles of plastic discards accumulated no end, and an occasional old truck came by to collect what overflowed in the metal bins furnished by the city.




In current days  there are modern and mechanized garbage transports that regularly show up at specific hours (twice in a 24 hrs span). The jump in this time frame is astonishing! Each truck is manned by 4 people who actually even clean up with what falls onto the pavement during their operation.  Additionally, there are other collectors on foot that gather, in rolling karts, fallen leaves and other rubbish dumped along the sidewalks.

It is nice to see that these actions in Tirana fully match now similar ones in other capitals, and I wish to add that I am impressed by the thoroughness of their workers. Thumbs up for them, and thanks for doing well their share of some good things that do happen in Albania!