First views

//First views

First views

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This is to share a preliminary birds-eye-view of our Foundations’ floor plan with its broad-spectrum, physical components, currently under construction in Tirana.

floor image 3According to our strategic plans, this headquarters of ours is being designed to contain various areas that will accommodate different types of operations to serve not only the Albanian youth that was always our goal, but also the public in general.  We are going to affectionately calling it ‘Ivanaj Cultural Center’ in memory of our predecessors, who always dedicated their entire lives to Albania and its patriotic causes. Now, through the use of what were their properties, we may also continue their ideals by offering, as per our mission, specific programs in support of culture and education of Albanians within their own country and abroad.

floor image 6First of all, let’s say that our entire floor will be enclosed by glass walls, thus allowing natural light and sunshine to penetrate its premises from all sides, which, due to the building position, consists of all four cardinal directions.

One wing will contain the staff’s offices with its own facilities, a full size kitchen, and a lounge, while, on the complete opposite side of the building, a quite sizeable area is reserved for large events. Different  size offices, two training areas, and a conference room will occupy the rest of the floor, with a well furnished library placed in the cozy main corner of the building.  Modern standards are employed to equip the bathrooms also for the disabled, and to provide escape routes in case of emergencies.

Last, but not least, our floor has its own private entrance from the street level. It can be reached via two small ramps of stairs, through a mezzanine floor, or by private elevator that also connects the floor to our garage spaces, one level below ground.  Access to our premises therefore, is facilitated at every level and for all sorts of needs including use of baby carriages, and wheel chairs.

Many are the details of what we are planning, and we’ll keep you posted about them as we go along. Meantime, if you have not yet done so, or are reading us via Facebook, or LinkedIn, and are interested in keeping abreast with our news, do subscribe to our web site.