Progress report

//Progress report

Progress report

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The holidays are gone, the first month of the new year is almost over, and we find ourselves backlogged in our updates! This is not due to indolence on our part, but we must give priority to the never ending tasks at the close of the calendar year that also corresponds to the fiscal year end for our organization. We are, after all, a small organization that operates only thanks to volunteers’ work.

First of all, we wish to publicly acknowledge and thank our dedicated supporters that always think of us during the holidays, and whose loyalty we are extremely grateful for. As of Jan. 1st we have raised a bit more than $6,000.- realizing more than 50% of the goal we had set for this month for the purchase of ’10 laptops’, as per our banner invitation. Thus, we are just $4,000.- away from filling the budget line that we had set for this type of needed equipment as envisioned in our current plans. This past season we received additional support from new Albanian friends that have joined us on our Facebook page and we can blissfully say also to them : “Thank you very, very much for helping us out in building the resources that are required in a not too distant future by the Ivanaj Foundations to operate the Cultural Center that is currently being built in the heart of Tirana!”

As previously indicated, while the construction that will house the Foundations’ headquarters, is steadily adding floors above ground, we are actively involved in all phases of the physical planning for our premises to be established on level one. This effort is exciting, as anyone can imagine, but it is quite challenging not only for us, but also for the expertise that we have engaged to carry out this huge project. Enormous amount of details are studied and discussed based on the specifications we have delineated for this structure, whose facilities will have to provide the support for all the activities described in our strategic plan.

Several architectural versions were drawn and are modified as needed, as we go along, and, here, we are happy to share with you one of the most recent ones.

Foundation Plan-layout-12-26-2014

More to come, meantime, you can stay attuned to our progress by freely subscribing to this blog of ours, where we also include most of our pictures. Every time we post here, you’ll be informed via email, and then you can view our entries at your leisure.