Summer is over, and work is intensifying

//Summer is over, and work is intensifying

Summer is over, and work is intensifying

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Most people are now through with their vacations, but at our Foundations on both sides of the Atlantic, work and plans never stop. After the doldrums of August, during which time we had to also tackle other odd and deferred chores, and resolve technical problems that affected our daily work, new energy and efforts are being engaged now to bring to fruition the ongoing plans to move forward with our short and long term goals.

While our physical plant’s construction continues to progress nicely, as can be noticed in the pictures, we wish to raise the awareness of our friends and solicit their involvement in what they think they can contribute, if they are sincerely interested. We have engaged professionals to help us design our new future quarters, and we continue to rely on the occasional assistance of our kind and loyal volunteers for all sort of other work, but we must grow.

Now is the perfect time to address our future needs to build the capable and efficient organization that we have dreamed about. We have been able so far to create a solid base on which to raise a concrete institution with very definite goals that, we know, can be achieved to benefit Albanian culture and education. But this cannot be accomplished by us alone, and we know that others might be available and willing to espouse our undertaking.

Today’s technology offers various possibilities of collaboration across physical boundaries and locations, and our needs offer a variety of contributing aspects since they span from adding new board members to office support, from financial donations to technical assistance, from translations to other consulting expertise. We are in constant operation, albeit being in a virtual workplace until our headquarters and offices will be set up, but we have proven to be able, even under these conditions, to plan, develop, and implement a variety of projects, as previously documented.

We have drafted a strategic plan for the Ivanaj Foundations, which will continue to be updated and modified as we proceed in our aims, and we will be sharing it appropriately as we go along, but we would like to have additional participation, assistance, and support from whomever else is willing to jump on board our train, and become part of our organizations on either side of the ocean that divides them. The two Ivanaj Foundations have a common goal, as described in this site, and similar needs, but to operate properly and efficiently, dedicated staff and members are now in short supply and much more will be required in the future.

Thus, we invite anyone that might be genuinely interested in the above to contact us at:  [email protected] . Tell us why you would like to join us, how you believe you could be of help, or support our operations. The possibilities are varied, and they are not limited to financial considerations, by all means.
Thanks for your attention. We look forward to hearing from you!